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We are a team of professional tilers in Queenstown with over 12 years of industry experience in tile fixing, water-proofing and underfloor heating.

Commercial and Domestic Tiling in Queenstown

We cater for the domestic and commercial markets, specialising in wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and all types of wall and floor tiling. We can provide a complete tiling service, including removing old tiles, rectifying problem substrates and waterproofing wet rooms and shower enclosures.

Experts with Experience

We have many years of industry experience and offer our clients expert advice and reliable workmanship for kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms.

Quality Installations

Please take the time to browse our past tiling projects. This will give you a feel for the quality of our installations and the pride we take in our workmanship! Whatever your style or taste, porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, glass, mosaic, slate and geometric victorian floors, we have the expertise to create that perfect finish.

Extensive Product Knowledge

Having extensive product knowledge in the Queenstown tiling industry, we will only use the correct materials for your installation. New Zealand Tiling Queenstown offers the consumer a fully guaranteed and top quality finish to any project we undertake. If you have any enquiries regarding our services, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.

Our Services Include:

  • Bathrooms
    Whether you are fully tiling or renovating your bathroom we offer a service of the highest quality. We install waterproofing for the specific substrate only using quality manufacturer guaranteed products, we also install under tile heating kits.

  • Floor tiling
    Before setting out we evaluate your floor to check levels and where necessary apply leveling compounds to correct them. Then we take time to work out the correct starting point for setting out to obtain the right look and finish. We then install your choice of tile using the highest quality adhesives appropriate for your tile and substrate. Once the floor is tiled we will grout it with a coloured grout of your choice chosen from of our grout suppliers charts, before neatly siliconing the perimeter and all movement joints with a matching coloured silicone. We then give you the option of having the tiling and grouting sealed as to deter any discolouration on high traffic areas or to aid cleaning.

  • Wall Tiling
    Similar to floor tiling once all substrates are prepared and waterproofed where necessary, we spend time setting out with laser levels to ensure all grout lines marry through vertically and horizontally. Finally once all tiles have been installed we again grout and then silicone with a specific colour of your choice.
  • Screading
    Wet rooms, bathrooms and balconies often need falls created to allow the correct flow of exiting water. We can install screeds on outside decks, full wet room floors or shower floors.

  • Waterproofing
    One of the most important pieces of preparation prior to tiling, it is vital it is carried out correctly and to the exact requirements for your area. We only use the correct system for your application and substrate and sign off all work completed. Whether it is a full wet room, waterproofed balcony or a shower enclosure we can supply and install the correct system for you.

  • Grouting
    Grout comes in various different types and colours, whether thin joint (between 1-3mm), sanded wide joint (3mm plus) or epoxy for sanitary or wet areas. We will show you a selection of our manufacturers colour charts and make sure the correct grout is used for your job.

  • Siliconing Silicone comes in all the same colours as grout, we install it around the perimeter of all our work as a movement joint as well as where expansion joints are necessary on long runs of tiling. Installed correctly as we do it leaves a seamless join that will never crack with movement or discolour like silicons of old.

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